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Kung Fu Hustle Sequence

Stephen Chow offers 'A Hope'

The 'Kung Fu Hustle' writer-director-star is set to tackle the sci-fi genre with his next flick.
profile Chris Tilly | Jul 18 2006

Stephen Chow has postponed the 'Kung Fu Hustle' sequel to work on a $20million sci-fi flick.
Tentatively titled 'A Hope', the film will star Chow as an astronaut who crash lands on a mysterious planet where he befriends a robot who can communicate with aliens.

Up-and-coming actress Zhang Yuqi will star as the android in question, while Chow's 'Shaolin Soccer' and 'Kung Fu Hustle' alumni Yuen Qiu
, Danny Kwok-kwan Chan and Tin Kai-man will also feature.

According to Screen Daily, 'A Hope' will shoot in China in August, giving Chow more time to work on the script for the eagerly anticipated 'Kung Fu Hustle 2'

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